December 7, 1941: The attack on Pearl Harbor has just gutted the Pacific Fleet and propelled America into the war.
As the fires still rage--and the nation only begins to comprehend the full scale of the tragedy--one thing becomes clear to Washington: the fleet must be rebuilt.

The government's largest shipbuilding facility, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, is a place where competing forces--labor unions, mobsters and the Navy bureaucracy--are all under intense pressure to increase production of the world's largest battleships, right in the heart of New York City.

What goes on inside the gates of the Navy Yard is the story of union vote-peddling, mob influence, Navy snafus, romance, sabotage, murder and the hardscrabble life of the Brooklyn neighborhood that surrounds it.

From the large-scale destruction at Pearl Harbor to the death of a single dockworker, The Navy Yard takes in the panoramic scope of a single mission: to build warships.

At stake is the history of a nation, and the world.


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